How to Get Email Address of Site Administrator

This is a tiny code snippet which retrieves Site Administrators email address. To access admin’s email address, we are going to use get_bloginfo() function.

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echo get_bloginfo('admin_email');

You can also use get_option function, to do the same.

echo get_option('admin_email');




  1. Hi-

    I am trying to reach a Site Administrator and do not understand how you use the .php above to accomplish this. If I had access to the php in the site then that would not be good for that site.

    Is there a way to accomplish this via other route? I have heard that the XML (without doc tree) can have the email address in it as being found on a line beginning <buffer

    You thoughts?

    • Hey Jenny, Thanks for the comment.

      You can use this code to retrieve the administrator’s email address for your own website which is assigned via Settings=>General=>E-mail Address. If you need to access admin’s email address while building a WordPress theme or plugin, you can extract it dynamically using following code instead of hardcoding it.


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