How to Install WordPress Locally on PC using XAMPP

WordPress is one of the most widely used Content management System (CMS) and a blogging platform. And the beauty of the WordPress lies in its simplicity. You don’t have to be a kickass Web Developer to to setup a WordPress website or blog.

Most of web hosting services offers pre-installed WordPress, all you need to do is create a database, provide the username, password, email address etc and WordPress will be installed automatically.

In this tutorial, I am going to show you how you can install WordPress on your computer using Xampp. If you want to install a new theme or a plugin for your website/blog, it is always better to first try it out on a local testing environment.

Step 1: Installing XAMPP

Before we move forward towards installation, we must setup a local server. To do this you need to download,Xampp. Their are different versions for different OS platforms. choose the one for your Operating System and download the installer.

Then run the installer, select your language, select the folder where you would like to install Xampp and click the install button. And that’s it.

Once you are done with installation start Xampp Control Panel with help of a shortcut created on your desktop and make sure that Apache and MySQL modules are running properly.

Step 2: Setting up MySQL database for WordPress

WordPress needs a MySQL database to store all the information related to website or blog such as posts, pages, comments, attachments etc.

To Create a MySQL database, open your web browser, type http://localhost/phpmyadmin an hit enter. This will take you to the PHPmyadmin settings page. On this page, click on database link, it will open option to create a new database.



Write the desired name of your database and click the “create” button. For this tutorial, I will create database with name ‘testing’ you can use anything you want.



Now that we have created a database, we can move forward to actual installation process.

Step 3: Downloading and installing WordPress

Before we start installation we need to download th latest copy of WordPress installation. You should always download WordPress installation files from official WordPress website. To get the fresh copy of WordPress click here. At the time of this post, we have version 3.9.1 available.

Unzip the downloaded file, the actual installation folder is inside the folder with version number.


Now, Copy the installation folder inside computer drive >> xampp >> htdocs folder. For me it is “C:xampphtdocs”. Once you have moved the installation directory go to your web browser and type http://localhost/wordpress/ in URL.



On this page, WordPress will display a message asking you to create a configuration file. click “Create a configuration file” button.


You will be greeted with a “Welcome to WordPress” message. click “Let’s go!” to proceed.


The WordPress will ask you for database details, In the database name option we will enter “testing” the name of database we have created earlier. In User Name option type “root” and leave password blank. You don’t need to change database host and table prefix. Click the “Submit” button.


If all of your details are correct, it will display “Ready to install” message. click on “Run the install” needed

Next, WordPress will ask you to enter site title, username, password, email address etc. Enter the necessary details and hit “Install WordPress” button. And that’s it.


After installation, a Success message will appear on with a Login button. Click on the button and use the credentials to login into your dashboard.

Use the URL http://localhost/wordpress/wp-admin to login to your local WordPress environment.

I hope this tutorial is useful for you. In case, you have any queries feel free to comment.

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