How to install a WordPress theme – Beginners guide

A WordPress theme is a set of PHP files, used to change the look and functionality of a WordPress website. There are more than 2500 themes in WordPress Official Theme directory, which are absolutely free to download and use. You can also purchase paid themes from online market places like Themeforest or Mojo-themes.

In this tutorial, I will provide step by step instructions on “How to install a WordPress theme?”.

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There are two ways to install a WordPress theme.
1. Using Search Option.
2. Using Upload Option.

1. Using Search Option:

Log into your WordPress dashboard and click on Themes link from Appearance menu on the side panel of the dashboard.


Now, you will be redirected to the themes page where you will be able to see the currently installed themes. To add a new theme, click on Add New Option on the top of this page.


Type the keyword or name in the search box to search the theme from WordPress theme directory. You can also use Feature Filter which allows you to search the themes based on various attributes like Layout or color.


Now, Browse the result, select an appropriate theme for your website and click the Install button under the theme you want to use. You can also use Preview option to see demo of that theme.


As soon as you click the Install button, WordPress will download and install the theme. And You will get a success message similar to one below.


Hit the Activate button on this page. And that’s it. You can visit home page to see how it looks.

Using Upload Option:

In some cases, you may want to install a theme which is not listed in WordPress theme. It can be a paid theme you have purchased from online market place or a custom theme made from scratch. In such situations, you cannot use Search Option. To install such theme you need to use the upload option.

To upload a theme using upload option, login to your dashboard, select Themes link from Appearance and click on the Add New button. On the Add New page, click on the Upload Theme link.


On the Upload page, click the Choose file button, select archive(Zip) file of the theme and click Install button


Within few seconds, WordPress will upload and install the theme. After Installation, click the Activate button under the ‘installation successful’ message. And you’re done.


I hope, the post was helpful. In case, you have any questions, please let me know through your comments.

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